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Why I Love This Market

by Steve & Robyn Love

Why I Love This Market By Robyn Love

We have sat out from sending marketing letters such as the yellow letter while waiting for the market to settle itself. Even though we are not at the bottom of the cycle just yet, I think it’s time to jump in again. There are two sides to the investment game, the buying and the selling. We are definitely in a buyers market now. Training has taught me to search out properties that I can control for little or no risk and now is the time for that. The sellers market will come back a few years down the road and we will be poised for big profits. The media is an ally in this market with the sellers. The news is filled with how bad things are and how real estate prices are plummeting. Sellers know that they’ll have to drop their price if they want to sell. Sellers don’t have many options these days and YOU may be the only person who can take a property off their hands quickly. With the foreclosure market bringing prices down, YOU are the only hope for the homeseller. I’m finding that escrow and title companies are quick to accommodate my needs since they don’t have much going on. Private money is easier to find and the rate we pay has gone from 12% to 6%. With the stock market ups and downs, and bank failures, people need a safe and secure alternative to place their funds. The quality of people who want to rent and/or buy is a better quality. People are pulling their money out of the stock exchange or their 401k because they don’t want to lose it’s value. I know that many Americans are hurting right now with job and home losses. I’m not trying to belittle that. But what better time to put all your real estate training to work and make a secure future for your family so you will never be affected by a recession again?





Steve & Robyn Love
Steve and Robyn Love are experienced real estate investors, real estate broker/agent and real estate appraisers. Both graduated from Ron LeGrand's Masters In Real Estate Course. When Ron was recruiting for someone to manage the Los Angeles branch for the Investor's Resource Center of America-Los Angeles chapter in 2005, he chose Steve and Robyn Love over the many who applied. Today, the IRCA is an independent organization and we have traininer from a diverse background to help you succeed. In addition to IRCA, Steve has an internet radio show (www.prosperitythroughrealestate.com) where he interviews industry experts, newbies and support personel to aid you in your real estate career. Both Steve and Robyn wrote the book "Home Remedy". This book contains true stories from other investor on some of their deals and is for investors to learn how to negotiate like the pros and the art of putting together a deal. The book is also for homeowners to learn what reale estate investors can do for them.

Website: www.irca-losangeles.com

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