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Dean Glosup

Who am I? I am a entrepreneurial business owner along with my wife. We sell Designer Sterling Silver through our outlets at many Sam's Clubs throughout the USA. See our site at www.designersterlingsilver.com My passion, however, is Real Estate. I have been in the Real Estate business in various capacities for the last 25 years. For the first 13 of those years I was primarily a hard money Mortgage Broker. I found people who were in need of cash and I then found investors who were in need of safe yield and brought the two together. I still occasionally keep my hand in Real Estate Loans of various types, thought mostly I consult on them rather than actually do them. During the last 8 years I have been in the business of buying, fixing and re-selling houses. I have bought, fixed and subsequently re-sold over 26 houses in that time. I pride myself in never having had any arguments regarding this business, let alone lawsuits or even disputes. I will not do a deal in which anyone does not have their needs met. We all have to be happy or no deal, including the Seller, the Buyer who ultimately buys the house from me, and even the contractors who do the fix-up work on the houses. All above board and all disclosed and everybody happy, or no deal. In this business, this is not always the case.

Articles by Dean Glosup

Helping folks in Real Estate
Is it possible to help both a buyer and a seller and make a killer profit in a flipping transaction? Read on and see an example of how I did it last year.